Shahi Mutton Stew (pronounced as Ishtoo)

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I call it shahi mutton stew, one can call it anything. This recipe requires a lot of patience and time.



Mutton                        –           750 gms

Onion                         –           6-7 medium size

Ginger                        –           ½ inch piece

Garlic                          –           10-12 cloves

Cashew nut              –           10-15 pieces

Khus Khus                –           2-3 tea spoon

Curd                           –           2 table spoon

Kali Mirch                  –           10-15 seeds

Tej Patta                     –           2 whole

Javitri                          –           2-3 flowers

Dhania Powder        –           2-3 spoons

Garam Masala          –           1 small spoon

Green Chillies          –           4-5 medium size

Sookhi Lal Mirch      –           2-3

Degi Mirch                 –           ½ teaspoon

Badi Elaichi              –           2-3 pieces

Cloves                        –           5-6 pieces

Oil                               –           2 tablespoon

Ghee                          –           1 tablespoon

Salt                             –           To Taste

Coriander                  –           For garnishing


Divide the garlic in half. Make ginger garlic paste with one half and finely chop the other half of garlic. Finely slice the onions and divide in three parts. Boil one part of onions in minimum water and keep aside (the onion becomes translucent and starts leaving water). Make a paste of the boiled onions. Make a paste of cashew nuts and khus.

In a thick bottom vessel (like a pressure cooker), heat oil. Add kali mirch, javitri, tej patta, cloves, badi elaichi and sookhi lal mirch. When the khada masala starts crackling, add chopped garlic. When the garlic turns light golden brown, add the one part (out of the three parts) of onion and ginger garlic paste. When the onion mixtures starts turning brown, add the mutton, finely chopped green chillies and last of the onions. Add salt and degi mirch. Simmer the flame to very low (on an induction – to 400 Watts) and cover. Keep on turning it after every 10 minutes. Let it cook for almost 25 minutes. After 25 minutes add the boiled onion paste and cashew khus khus paste. Add ghee. Let it cook for another 25 minutes. Add a little water if the dish is looking to too dry. Add curd and garam masala and let it cook for another 10 minutes.

Garnish with finely chopped coriander.

This dish can be enjoyed with simple tawa rotis, roomali rotis, mughlai paranthas and naan.

(A slightly faster way (reduces time by around 25 minutes) – boil the mutton first and add boiled mutton in place of raw mutton. The mutton should be very tender for this dish.)


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