Kamal Kakkdi Ke Galawati Kabab (Lotus Stem Galawati Kababs)


The Mash


Shallow Fry


Shallow Fry Kababs


The Kababs



Lotus Stems                                      –           500 gms

Raw Papaya                                     –           100 gms

Onion                                                 –           2 medium size

Garlic                                                  –           15-16 cloves

Kali Mirch                                          –           10-15 seeds

Javitri                                                  –           2-3 flowers

Garam Masala                                  –           1 small spoon

Green Chilliy                                                –           1 medium size

Badi Elaichi                                      –           1-2 pieces

Cloves                                                –           7-8 pieces

Dal Chini (Cinnamon)                    –           3 pinches / 1 teaspoon (freshly grounded)

Roasted Gram Flour (Besan)         –           4 table spoons (this can be adjusted as per


Oil                                                       –           For shallow frying

Salt                                                     –           To Taste


Thoroughly clean the lotus stems. Boil the onions, lotus stems and raw papaya. Now in blender make a dry paste (don’t add any water) of onions, lotus stems and raw papaya. In a mortar pestle or a sil batta make a paste of cloves and green chilly. Add this to lotus stem paste. Ground the kali mirch, cloves, javitri, badi eliachi in a coarse powder and add to the mash. Add the roasted gram flour. Add salt and garam masala. Heat oil in a pan (for shallow frying). Use water to wet your hands and make flat kababs out of the mash. Shallow fry the kababs.

These kababs can be eaten with roomali rotis, paranthas and sheermal.

One can make adjustments in the spices (chillies etc.) as per taste. Roasted gram flour acts as the binding agent and should be adjusted as per the dryness/wetness of the mash.


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