Langde Aam ki Khatti Meethi Chutney





Langda Aam (those green variants of mangoes from the Jaunpur- Varanasi belt which arrive in the market almost in the end of mango season), have a very distinct sweet and sour taste. It’s difficult to identify between a perfectly ripe mango and the not so ripe ones. So what do you do when you are struck with some not so ripe mangoes – they are neither raw (so you can use them in some dishes where you would use raw mangoes) and nor so ripe that you can eat them as they are more on sour side. I remember my aunt making such unique recipes which helped in no wastage of fruit. It’s a simple chutney and can be eaten just plain (the way I used to and still love it) or as spread on your paranthas (especially onion one’s). You can adjust the quantity as per the availability of the mangoes.



Langda Aam (mangoes)                                   –           2 medium size

Green Chillies                                                    –           1 small size

Heeng (Asafoetida)                                             –           A pinch

Roasted Cumin (bhuna zeera)                            –           1 tsp

Black Salt                                                             –           To Taste

Sugar                                                                   –           1 spoon (this needs to be increased or                                                                                               decreased as per the sweetness of the                                                                                             mangoes

Dry Mint (sookha pudina)                                    –           1 pinch


Simple and faster method:

After peeling the mangoes, mix all the spices, salt and sugar except Dry Mint and grind into a smooth paste. Add sookha pudina. This chutney is ready for consumption. Its advised that you let the chutney rest in a cool place for at least half and hour before consumption as this helps in bringing out the taste and absorption of all the spices.

Slightly time consuming method:

After peeling the mangoes, finely grate them on a manual grater. Now grind it with spices, salt and sugar on a grindstone into a coarse paste. Add sookha pudina  to the paste. Let the chutney rest for ½ – 1 hour in a cool place. Your sweet and sour chutney is ready.

I have used this method.


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