Karonde Lehsun (Carissa carandas & garlic) Ki Chutney

What to do when you don’t have mint or coriander and want to create a tangy chutney. This chutney could be a good solution.




Karonda                        –           100 gms

Garlic                            –           10-15 cloves

Green Chillies                –           1-2 (can be increased as per your requirement of spicyness)

Rock Salt (Kala Namak) –           As per taste

Heeng (Asafoetida)       –           A pinch

Roasted Cumin (bhuna zeera)     –           1 tsp



Wash and cut the Karondas in half. (I generally don’t remove the seeds, but you can remove the same if you wish to). Add all the ingredients and grind into a chutney.

This chutney has a slightly tangy taste and remains fine in refrigerator for a week.



20150716_070816 20150716_070810


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