Mixed Veg Bhaji

Step 1

Step 1

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I don’t know what name can be given to this dish. So simply calling it mix veg bhaji. My son is finicky in eating vegetables. So this becomes an ideal way of giving him a mix of vegetables. I just throw in a lot of veggies and one can try multiple variations using different veggies. I have made different combinations – once with peas, once with corn and so on.



Brinjal                                       –           1 medium size

Potato                                      –           2 medium size

Pumpkin                                   –           ½ cup

Carrot                                       –           1-2 medium size (if available)

Tomato                                     –           2-3 medium size

Bell Peppers                             –           ½ cup (optional)

Corn                                         –           ½ cup (if available, if not substitute with peas)

Peas                                         –           ½ cup (if available, if not substitute with corn)

Capsicum                                 –           ½ cup

Beet root                                  –           1 small sized

Onions                                      –           1-2 medium size

Garlic                                        –           15-20 cloves

Ginger                                      –           ½ inch piece

Green Chillies                            –           1-2 (can be increased as per your requirement of spicyness)

Curry Leaves                             –           4-5 sprigs

Amchoor (Dried Mango Powder)            –           1 tbsp (can be increased/decreased as per your requirement)

Kali Mirch (Pepper)                    –           8-10 pods freshly grounded

Kalonji                                      –           1 tsp

Cumin / Jeera                            –           1 tsp

Saunth (dried Ginger)                 –           2 tsp (in powder form)

Sarson seeds                            –           ½ tsp

Salt                                          –           As per taste

Heeng (Asafoetida)                   –           A pinch

Garam Masala                           –           1 tsp.

Oil                                            –           1-2 tbsp

Ghee                                        –           1 tbsp

Butter                                       –           Optional



Roughly chop all vegetables (except onion, ginger, garlic and chillies) and boil them with little water. Make a mash of the boiled vegetables. Keep aside. Finely chop onion. Now make a paste of ginger, garlic and chillies. I generally use a mortar & pestle to make a coarse mix. In a pan heat oil. Now add kalonji and cumin to the oil. When they crackle, add ½ of the curry leaves and immediately add the ginger, garlic & chilly mix. Fry it for 2-3 minutes (or till it starts turning brown). Now add chopped onions and let them turn pink. Now add the vegetable mash. Add salt, black pepper and saunth powder. Fry it for 8-10 minutes. The vegetable mix would start leaving the pan. Add amchoor and heeng. Cover the pan and cook for 3-4 minutes more on low heat. Heat a tadka pan, add ghee, sarson seeds and remaining curry leaves. Add the tadka to the Mixed Veg bhaji. Sprinkle garam masala on the top. I generally add butter before serving.

This dish can be enjoyed with Pao, Lachha Paranthas and even normal paranthas.


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