Beetroot Pooris & Crispies

Beetroot Pooris & Crispies

Beetroot mania continues. Red is the colour of the season.



Beetroot                                    –           2 medium size

Garlic                                        –           10-15 pods

Ginger                                       –           ½ inch piece

Dal Chini (Cinnamon)                 –           ½ inch stick

Kali Mirch (Black pepper)            –           10-15 pieces

Jeera (Cumin)                            –           1 tsp

Amchoor                                   –           1 ½ tsp

Sugar                                        –           1 tbsp

Sooji                                         –           3 tbsp

Wheat Flour (aata)                     –           Enough to make a dough

Salt                                          –           as per taste

Oil                                            –           for frying



Finely grate the beetroot. Coarsely grind the garlic and ginger. Coarsely grind dal chini and kali mirch. Heat oil in a pan, add jeera, when the jeera, add the dry maslas. Add garlic and ginger paste. When the mix starts turning brown, add grated beetroot. Keep on stirring. Add sugar, salt and amchoor. Keep on stirring. The colour of the mix would change and it would start leaving the sides. Take the mixture off the heat. Now coarsely grind this mixture into a paste. Keep aside.


For Poories/Paranthas


Use ½ of the beet root mixture with wheat flour (aata) and make a dough. This dough would be pinkish in colour. Now heat oil for frying (if making pooris) and make small pooris and fry them. Your red colour pooris are ready. Eat them hot.


In place of poori, one can make paranthas also.


For Crispies (Similar to Mathris)


Use other ½ of the beet root mixture with wheat flour (aata) and sooji. Make a dough. This dough would be pinkish in colour. Roll out the crispies/mathris in the regular round shape (they should be thinner than the pooris), or any fun shape. I used the star shape. Fry them in oil. Serve them with Sonth or Coriander chutney. They are crunchy and can be kept in air tight container for 2-3 days.



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