Kaitha and Amrakh chutney (Wood Apple sour variety & Star Fruit Dip)



Kaitha                                       –                       1

Amrak                                       –                       1 large size

Garlic                                        –                       8-10 pods

Green Chillies                            –                       1-2 (depending on your requirement of spiciness)

Jeera (Cumin)                            –                       1 tsp

Heeng                                       –                       a pinch

Sea Salt                                    –                       as per taste



Carefully take out the pulp from kaitha. Cut amrakh (remove the thick side strips). Grind together with all other ingredients. This chutney is slightly dry in nature and you would have to add water to it.

This chutney can serve as a base ingredient for many other chutnies. I added coriander to one part of this chutney and had a completely different version.

Added jaggery/gur/sugar and coriander to another part and it turned into a sweet sour variety.



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