Mushroom Muttar (Mushroom & Peas) in cashew and sesame seed gravy

Mushroom Muttar (Mushroom & Peas) in cashew and sesame seed gravy

What to do? What to do when one has a whole lot of fresh mushrooms? And not to forget fresh winter peas? My son and husband are fond of mushrooms. So while shopping for vegetables last evening, they happily picked up a whole lot of fresh mushrooms. I wanted to try a combination of mushroom and peas and the result was this. The dish is similar in taste to Malai Kofta, Shahi Paneer or Khoya Paneer. Again a no tomato dish.


Mushrooms                               –           200 gms

Peas                                         –           200 gms

Onions                                      –           2 large size

Cream                                      –           ¼ cup

Milk                                          –           1 cup

Garlic                                        –           15-20 pods

Ginger                                       –           ½ inch piece

Green Chillies                            –           2-3 (depending on your requirement of spiciness)

Dal Chini (Cinnamon)                 –           ½ inch stick

Kali Mirch (Black pepper)            –           10-15 pieces

Clove                                        –           5-6 pieces

Cardamom (Eliachi)                   –           2

Sesame Seed (Safed Til)            –           3 tbsp

Cashew Nuts                            –           10-15 (nuts)

Jeera (Cumin)                            –           1 tsp

Kasuri methi (dry)                      –           2 tsp

Sugar                                        –           1 tbsp

Salt                                          –           as per taste

Coriander (Dhania)                     –           for garnishing

Butter                                       –           for frying mushrooms

Oil                                            –           for cooking



Coarsely grind ginger, garlic and chillies. Keep aside. Dry grind (coarsely) dal chini, kali mirch, cardamom and clove (laung). Keep aside. Grind onions, sesame seeds and cashew nuts into a smooth paste. Shallow fry the mushrooms in butter (till they change their colour to light brown, there would be no water left in mushrooms now). In a pan heat oil, Add jeera. When the jeera starts to crackle add all the dry grinded masalas. After 2-3 minutes add ginger garlic and chillies paste. When the masala starts turning brown, add the onion, cashew nut and sesame seed paste. At this stage add a little water as this paste is slightly dry in nature. Keep on stirring, when the mixture starts leaving the sides of the pan (oil would come on the top), add peas. Add milk, simmer the flame and let it cook for 3-4 minutes. Now add fried mushrooms. Add salt and sugar. If the gravy is very thick, add a little water. Cover the pan and let it cook till the peas become soft and cooked (7-8 minutes if the peas are the soft fresh ones). Add cream and let it cook uncovered for 3-4 minutes on very low flame. Remove the pan from heat now. Dry roast the kasuri methi on an iron girdle, crush it and add it to the dish. Keep it covered for 5 minutes. Add chopped coriander and serve.


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