Paneer Kofta

Panner Kofta in a creamy gravy. Kofta’s made using the instant gulab jamun mix.

I had some gulab jamun mix left. Didn’t want to spoil it, the quantity was too less to make fresh batch of gulab jamuns. So came up with this recipe of Paneer Koftas.


Paneer                                      –           100 gms

Gulab Jamun Mix                       –           5 tbsp

Maida                                       –           2 tbsp

Onions                                      –           2 large size

Cream                                      –           ¼ cup

Milk                                          –           1 and ½ cup

Garlic                                        –           15-20 pods

Green Chillies                            –           2-3 (depending on your requirement of spiciness)

Dal Chini (Cinnamon)                 –           ½ inch stick

Kali Mirch (Black pepper)            –           10-15 pieces

Clove                                        –           5-6 pieces

Cardamom (Eliachi)                   –           3-4

Sesame Seed (Safed Til)            –           3 tbsp

Jeera (Cumin)                            –           1 tsp

Kasuri methi (dry)                      –           2 tsp

Sugar                                        –           3 tbsp

Salt                                          –           as per taste

Garam Masala                           –           a pinch

Raisins                                     –           15-20

Oil                                            –           for cooking



Initial Preparation

Make a masala powder of dal chini, clove and elaichi. This should be a coarse powder. Divide the powder in 4 parts.

For Koftas

In a bowl crumble paneer. Add gulab jamun mix and maida. Add one tbsp of sugar. Add one part of the dal chini masala. Add ¼ of the total cream. If the mixture is dry add just enough milk to make the mix into a soft dough like consistency.

Heat oil in a kadai for deep frying.  Wet your palms with water, roll koftas in a shape of a patty, place a raisin or two inside and roll again. This patty should be slightly flatter as this would fluff up a bit on frying. Fry the koftas till golden brown. Keep the koftas on a tissue paper or kitchen towel to soak excess oil.

For Curry

Coarsely grind garlic and chillies. Grind onions and sesame seeds into a smooth paste. In a pan heat oil, Add jeera. When the jeera starts to crackle add sabut kali mirch and one part of the masla. After 2-3 minutes add garlic and chillies paste. When the masala starts turning brown, add the onion and sesame seed paste. At this stage add a milk as this paste is slightly dry in nature. Keep on stirring, the mixture would start leaving the sides of the pan (oil would come on the top). Add milk, simmer the flame and let it cook for 3-4 minutes. Add salt and sugar. Now add koftas.  Cover the pan with foil and let it cook for 8-10 minutes on very slow flame. Add third part of the dal chini masala. Add cream and let it cook uncovered for 3-4 minutes on very low flame. Remove the pan from heat now. Dry roast the kasuri methi on an iron girdle, crush it and add it to the dish. Add pinch of garam masala and last part of dal chini masala. Keep it covered for 5 minutes.

Serve hot with naan, laccha paratha.



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