Til Moonghphali Gur Patti or Chikki

For those sweet cravings in winter.



Gur (Jaggery)                            –           250 gms

Til (Safed or Nylon Til)               –           50 gms

Groundnut                                 –           100 gms

Desi Ghee                                 –           2-3 spoons



In a non stick pan dry roast til (sesame seeds) and groundnut. Using mortar pestle slightly crush the groundnut. In the non stick pan add 2 spoons of ghee, add gur or jiggery and let it caramalise. Keep the heat at lowest and keep on turning. When the colour starts changing, check if cooked. This is a slightly tricky process – take a bowl of chilled water and add a drop of caramalised gur, if the drop crystallises (bite it to check the crunch). Turn the heat off, add til and groundnut and mix well. Grease a plate with ghee and pour the hot mixture. Let it cool for 2-3 hours. The Gur patti or Chikki would come out easily.


Keep it in an airtight box. It remains fresh till 15 days easily (if you can keep your hands away from it)


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