Karonde (Carissa carandas) Ka Bina Tel Ka Aachar (No oil pickle of Carissa carandas)



Pickle with health benefits.

Karonda helps in improving appetite and digestion and helps in easing few other bile related disorders. It is extensively used in Ayurveda.


Karonda – 250 gms

Asafoetida (Heeng) -2 tsp

Sea Salt – as per taste.


Wash and dry the Karonadas. Cut in half. I don’t deseed them but if you want you can deseed them.

In a bowl mix cut karondas with salt and heeng.

Bottle the pickle in glass jars or those traditional Indian pickle jars. Cover the jars with thin cotton/muslin cloth and keep in sun for around a week. After a week, your pickle would be ready to consume.

Things to be noted: Please ensure that all the karondas, vessels and utensils one is using are completely dry (no traces of water). You would see some water in the pickle jar, don’t be worried, it is the moisture released by the karondas when mixed with salt. Within a week time this water or juice would thicken a bit.

The pickle stays fresh for around 2-3 months and if one keeps it in refrigerator, it can stay fresh longer.

I have used sea salt. Sea salt helps in keeping the pickle intact for a longer period as compared to our regular iodised salt and also gives a very distinct flavour. Regular salt also can be used. Salt quantity depends on one’s taste.



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