Garlic Mushroom Capsicum Fry

A simple easy recipe, for those spicy cravings but not too heavy on spices.


Mushrooms – 150 gms (diced)

Capsicum (Diced) – 1 cup

Onion (Medium Size) – 1 (finely diced)

Garlic Paste – 3 tbsp

Green Chilly paste 1 tbsp (this can be reduced or increased as per your taste requirement)

Kalonji (nigella seed)– 1 tsp

Lemon – Juice of 1 lemons

Sonth (dry ginger powder) – 1 tsp

Salt – as per taste.

Coriander (Finely chopped) – for garnishing

Oil – for frying


In a bowl mix mushrooms and capsicum with garlic paste, chilly paste, lemon juice, sonth and salt. Keep aside (for at least 10-15 minutes, it would taste better if you can keep it for ½ hour).

In a pan heat oil, add kalonji. When kalonji starts to crackle add onions. Fry onions till they change their colour to light pink (become translucent). Now add marinated mushrooms and capsicum. Fry till the capsicum and mushrooms are done (capsicum would become soft and mushrooms would change colour, because of garlic marinade there would be slight browning).

Please remember to keep on stirring the vegetables, if they are not stirred because of garlic marinade they would stick to the pan.

Instead of oil one can use butter also.

Garnish with coriander and serve hot.

One can serve it with any sweet sauce. I served it with homemade Beetroot Tomato Garlic Sauce.


Spicy Garlic Mushroom Bell Pepper Capsicum Fry


This is simple quick recipe, can be used as a side dish, a starter, a topping, a filling for sandwiches etc.


Mushroom  – 150 gms (chopped)

Red & Yellow Bell Pepper –  One cup (diced / cubed, both mixed)

Capsicum – ½ cup (diced / cubed, both mixed)

Onion – 1 medium size (diced)

Garlic – 10-15 cloves

Ginger – ½ inch piece

Green Chilly –2-3 (can be increased or reduced depending on your requirement of spiciness)

Sonth (dry ginger powder) – 1 tsp

Curd – 3 tbsp

Besan – 1 tbsp (dry roasted)

Amchoor – 1 tsp

Kalonji – 2 pinches

Lemon juice – 1 tsp (the sourness can be adjusted as per liking)

Fresh Coriander (Hara Dhania) – For garnishing

Salt  –  To taste

Oil – for cooking



Wash and clean all vegetables. Cut the ginger in small juliennes. Now make a paste of ½ of these juliennes with garlic and chillies. Keep aside.

Make a marinade of ginger-garlic-chilly paste, besan, amchoor, salt, sonth and curd. Add mushrooms, bell peppers, capsicum and onion. Keep aside for at least 10-15 minutes.

In a pan, heat oil. Add kalonji. When kalonji seeds start crackling add the vegetables in marinade. Keep on turning the vegetables to avoid sticking. Cook on low heat till the mix starts leaving side and oil. The mix would also start turning brown now. Add lemon juice.  Add remaining ginger juliennes. Cook for 2-3 minutes more.

Garnish with coriander and serve.

P.S. – The sourness depends on one’s taste bud. The curd (depending on the sourness) and amchoor would make the mix sour. Taste and adjust lemon juice accordingly. Instead of amchoor one can add chaat masala (to make it more spicy) – please add salt accordingly if chaat masla is used.

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Posta daana, Safed Til, Lehsun Ki Chutney (Poppy seeds, Sesame Seed & garlic)

Posta daana, Safed Til, Lehsun Ki Chutney

Posta daana, Safed Til, Lehsun Ki Chutney

What to do when you don’t have mint or coriander and want to create tangy chutney. This chutney could be a good solution.


Posta Daana                 –           5-6 spoons

Safed Til                       –           4-5 spoons

Garlic                            –           15-20 cloves

Green Chillies                –           1-2 (can be increased as per your requirement of spicyness)

Amchoor                       –           1 tsp (can be increased as per your requirement of sour)

Salt                              –           As per taste

Heeng (Asafoetida)       –           A pinch


Dry roast Posta Daana and Safed til till they become light brown. Soak them in water for ½ hrs. Mix all ingredients together and grind into a paste. The chutney is ready.

I generally use a grindstone (sil batta), it enhances the texture and flavour. Please remember if this chutney is slightly dry in nature and while grinding you might have to add water. This chutney soaks water and probably in an hour or two after grinding it will become slightly dry if adequate water is not added.

This chutney has a slightly nutty taste and remains fine in refrigerator for a week. This chutney can be an ideal accompaniment to any non vegetarian biryani too.